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Krytuk Valleys

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Krytuk Valleys
Krytuk Valleys caverns.jpg
Type: Cave
Location: Agratis
Natives: Crystalline creatures
Appearance: A Rare Gem

The Krytuk Valleys was a location on Agratis containing caverns which held the Jewel of Fawton. Unknown to most of the planet's colonists, the Jewel functioned as a hive mind for native crystalline creatures, which at the time were in a state of hibernation. Frez and his team of archaeologists took the Jewel and placed it on display in the museum in Darschon; the tourism from the Jewel becoming a massive source of income for the planet. Realising the jewel was a part of some lifeform, Roget returned the Jewel to the caverns, reawakening the creatures. (COMIC: A Rare Gem)

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