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Kusks were the sentient species of the planet Kuskas.

Biology Edit

The Kusks were eight-foot tall humanoids with sticky, brown, lumpy skin, orange eyes and massive bony heads with downward pointing spiky ears. Their tongues were white. They had six fingers on each hand. Their thighs were fat, wide and covered in a sweaty liquid that poured from their midriffs. They had thick, tuberous, muscular upper arms. They had huge club feet which exude amber gum, a bony ridge of muscle ran across the top of their chests from shoulder to shoulder. Due to the harsh atmospheric conditions of their home planet, their lungs had an unusual filtration system and they exhaled obnoxious fumes. (PROSE: Longest Day)

History Edit

The Kusks mistakenly rescued Sam Jones from Hirath's moon when they believed her pilot, the Eighth Doctor to be dead. (PROSE: Longest Day)