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LIVE 34 was the seventy-fourth monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions. This audio is one of several of Big Finish's "experimental" audio stories. Like The Natural History of Fear, it does not follow a conventional narrative or audio story structure. The entirety of the story is made up of news or media broadcasts and while the Doctor does appear in all four episodes, Ace does not appear until the second episode and Hex does not appear until the third.

Publisher's summary Edit

'You're listening to LIVE 34.'

'LIVE 34 — news on the hour, every hour — LIVE 34 — broadcasting to Colony 34 all day, every day — LIVE 34 — constantly updated every minute of every hour — LIVE 34 — sport, weather, business, local news, interplanetary affairs — LIVE 34 — live, independent, accurate, comprehensive — LIVE 34 — all news, all day, every day — LIVE 34.'

'Reports are coming in of an explosion...'

'On the line now is the leader of the FDP...'

'The President is about to begin his address...'

'We can see bodies in the wreckage...'

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Individuals Edit

  • Ace's art teacher at school used to liaise with their chemistry teacher, Mr Watts, during class time.
  • Ryan Wareing estimates that Ace is in her mid to late 20s.
  • Ace uses stun grenades.
  • Shortly after the broadcast of his interview with Ace, Wareing supposedly committed suicide.
  • Hex's father worked on the docks, but was forced to accept redundancy after an extended period of industrial action by workers. In doing so, he lost his livelihood. This experience as well as constant reminders from his maternal grandmother Hilda Schofield convinced Hex to find a job that would always be in demand once he left school so he went into medicine.

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  • The Doctor has a 1952 Vincent Black Lightning motorbike with "improvements" such as automatic transmission and GPS.
  • The Doctor loans Hex his umbrella, which he uses to protect himself and Charlotte from the rain.

Notes Edit

  • LIVE 34's story is told in the style of a series of news broadcasts. It takes place over the course of 16 days.
  • During the "channel surfing" sequences that act as a title sequence, a brief snippet of the Seventh Doctor's theme is heard.
  • Thematically, this story is the reverse of TV: The Happiness Patrol. This time, instead of following the TARDIS crew as they foment rebellion and topple a tyrant, we see the revolution from the perspective of the innocents on the planet.
  • Unusually, Ace does not appear until the second episode and Hex does not appear until the third. Besides the Doctor, Drew Shahan is the only character to appear in all four episodes.
  • This audio and AUDIO: Thicker Than Water were released in the same month, starting a Big Finish tradition of releasing two main range stories each September.
  • This story is unusual in that it does not feature the TARDIS.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 22 and 24 June 2005 at The Moat Studios.

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