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Lady Gaga was a singer in the early 21st century. One of her songs was called "Pokerface". Flip Jackson used it as the ringtone for her mobile phone. (AUDIO: The Crimes of Thomas Brewster) The renegade Time Lady Iris Wildthyme sang Pokerface in the 1960s while in her second incarnation. She claimed that, forty years later, Gaga stole outfits from her wardrobe to wear on stage. (PROSE: Elementary, My Dear Sheila) Ianto Jones compared Lady Gaga's fashion sense to what Jack Harkness was wearing. (AUDIO: Department X)

When Clyde Langer showed a newspaper to the Automatons so they could learn English, "Lady Gaga" was among the terms recited by them as they scanned the newspaper and learned the language almost instantly. (TV: The Empty Planet)

Rani Chandra told Clyde Langer that she wanted to get her hair done like Lady Gaga, all skew wiff, then she would dye it streaked. But Clyde knew immidiatly that Rani was joking. (TV: Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith)

Amy Pond once referred to Lady Elizabeth Winters as "Lady Gaga." (GAME: The Gunpowder Plot)

One newspaper article reported a link between Lady Gaga and cancer. (PROSE: First Born)

Cindy Wu had a Lady Gaga poster in her bedroom. (COMIC: Old Girl)

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