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Lapinos were an species from the planet Lapino.

Lapinos resembled a giant brain that fed on emotions, such as guilt, love and fear. One Lapino crashed onto a planet and realised that, if it did not report home soon, its people would destroy its ship by releasing a pulse of mental energy. This Lapino used robotic servants, which were called "Bunnoids" by Vicki when she first saw them. When the First Doctor, Vicki and Steven Taylor visited the planet, the Lapino intended to torture the Doctor's companions to generate enough mental energy to power its ship. The Doctor suggested an alternative: enact Cinderella, extracting the emotion of love instead. After the play, in which the Doctor reluctantly played the fairy godmother wearing a tutu, ended, the Lapino accused the Doctor of manipulating his companions for his selfish ends. The Doctor's guilt gave it the extra energy it needed. It thanked the Doctor before its ship blasted off. (PROSE: Planet of the Bunnoids)

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