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Larry Greene was a journalist with a long on-off friendship with Harold Chorley. He bore a striking resemblance to Chorley, although he carried himself with more certainty and with less arrogance.

He supported Chorley after the London Event, an act that almost ruined his career too. He was able to pull himself back up, and was enlisted by General Hamilton to help uncover the whereabouts of Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart when he went missing in April 1969. Once he'd served his purpose, Larry was dumped. He didn't take it well, and began to set out his own feelers into what was going on, but was soon warned off. (PROSE: The Schizoid Earth)

Over a month later he found himself helping Lethbridge-Stewart when the colonel was on the run, but Larry's help came at a price. A promise to explain what happened to the colonel in April. Larry learned that Lethbridge-Stewart had been kidnapped and tortured by the Eastern Bloc, the official lie that Lethbridge-Stewart kept to. (PROSE: Mutually Assured Domination)

On 25 December 1969, Greene interviewed Mary Wilde on television as part of a series of interviews with the "year's most interesting people". (PROSE: Home for Christmas)

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