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Last of the Colophon was the fifth story in the third series of Fourth Doctor Adventures.

Publisher's summary Edit

The planet Colophos is a dead world. Nothing but dust and rubble — and the ruins of a once-great civilisation. But is it really as dead as it appears? When the Doctor and Leela land, joined by the crew of the Oligarch survey ship, it's not long before they receive a communication from one of the ruins. A communication from Astaroth Morax, the last of the Colophon. Attended by a sadistic robot nurse, Morax is in a wheelchair and bound in bandages to conceal his terrible injuries. But is he really as powerless as he seems? What became of the rest of his race — and why didn't he die with them?

Entering his lair, the Doctor uncovers a terrifying secret...

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References Edit

  • The survey ship Oligarch was sent to Colophos by the Third Imperial Consortium, of which the Doctor has never heard.
  • The Third Imperial Consortium is ruled by an emperor.
  • Astaroth Morax is the last surviving Colophon. He was a brilliant scientist who ruthlessly sought absolute power. When the Patricians captured him and attempted to bring him to justice, he created a bacterium so powerful that it could wipe out his entire race. He developed an antidote and offered to cure his people on the condition that they bow to his tyranny. However, they refused to do so and they all died.

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Last of the Colophan clean

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