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Deter Latoni was a Brazilian, and the leader of a friendly Amazonian tribe who had rescued George Cranleigh from the Kojabe tribe, who held the black orchid sacred, and tortured and mutilated George for attempting to steal the flower.

Latoni returned George home, and kept him prisoner in a hidden area of Cranleigh Hall at the request of Lady Cranleigh to prevent the world from learning of George's condition. As a friend of the family, Latoni stayed on as George's guardian and Lady Cranleigh's informant on what George needed or wanted.

On 11 June 1925, he was violently attacked when George's insanity drove him to wanting to escape and elope with Ann, and left for dead. (TV: Black Orchid)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • It is unclear on-screen as to whether George does actually kill Latoni, or if Latoni is rendered unconscious by the attack, as stated in Terence Dudley's novelisation.
  • In the novelisation, Latoni's first name is spelt "Dittar".