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The Layloran Temple sat in the centre of the ancient ruins of a Layloran city, which was inhabited hundreds of years before. It was a large building, had rough outer walls which made climbing its sides easy, a gently sloping roof, and an observation tower at one end. The tower itself had an exterior staircase as well in an interior staircase and a domed roof supported by pillars, leaving it open to the air. One could see for miles in all directions from the top. The interior of the temple was large and filled with religious iconography. Rose described "an atmosphere that somehow demanded reverence and filled the observer with peace." Statuary of Witiku and the humanoid version of the planet which they worshiped lined the walls. Above each figure was a gallery for a birds-eye view of ceremonies, which took place at a sacrificial altar at the end of the building. The temple was connected to a series of tunnels in which the Laylorans used for storage. Rooms underneath the temple contained Jinnen Beans, Trisilicate, costumes for ceremonies, and more statuary. The temple was mostly destroyed in the last earthquake to hit Laylora. (PROSE: The Price of Paradise)

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