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Lazarus was a human male who was said to have been resurrected by Jesus Christ. Visiting a Christian enclave in Byzantium soon after the execution of Jesus, the First Doctor talked to a zealous Christian named Daniel about the resurrection of Lazarus. The Doctor claimed that he had heard the story before, but was unconvinced by it.

I always found it rather unlikely, personally. A man being regenerated . . . Whatever next?The First Doctor [src]

Daniel also claimed that the Pharisee were behind a plot to kill Lazarus after Jesus' alleged resurrection, in an effort to stop the spread of Christianity. By killing Lazarus, Daniel claimed, the Pharisee were taking steps to murder all people who had ever been in direct contact with Jesus. (PROSE: Byzantium!)

William Abberton named Project: Lazarus, an investigation on Time Lord regeneration, after this man, as the project seeked to resurrect humanity. He thought this fitting, as Lazarus was a "being who cheat[ed] death". (AUDIO: Project: Lazarus)

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