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Le Mur Engineering was a company in mid-20th century Jersey owned by business partners Peddler and Wall. It was named for Wall, as "Le Mur" meant "the Wall" in French.

The two men found a group of dormant Cybermen and brought them to their factory to research their technology to improve the British army. Peddler became horrified as he learned more about the Cybermen and left Le Mur, starting his own company, Peddler Electronic Engineering. He was killed by a Cybermat for not cooperating.

Wall, partially cyber converted, later abandoned the factory when the Nazis invaded and was accidentally killed by a Cyberman. The Seventh Doctor was able to stop the Cybermen by reprogramming their Cyber-Commander so it made them eradicate each other. George Limb tried to escape in the Cybermen's damaged time machine, but it malfunctioned and exploded, destroying what was left of Le Mur Engineering. (PROSE: Illegal Alien)

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