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The Leekley Bible was the "New series document" (known in the TV industry as "the bible") for a proposed Doctor Who TV series that would have been produced by Amblin Universal in the mid 1990s. It was written by John Leekley.

Publisher's summary Edit

The Leekley Bible was intended to be the starting point of a new Doctor Who series, essentially a reboot of the series reinventing Doctor Who with only the core concepts and mythos intact.

Concepts like the TARDIS remain, as did the names of many Time Lords such as Rassilon and Borusa (though sometimes spelt as "Barusa"). Gallifrey was also mentioned. (REFDoctor Who: Regeneration)

Subject matter Edit

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Notable features Edit

In the Leekley Bible, a 45 page "writer's bible" of the type produced as reference material for TV series writers. It has in it examples "sample premises" to illustrate the types of stories that could be told in this rebooted format; these included:

  • The Pirates (an adaptation of The Smugglers)
  • The Talons of Weng-Chiang, relocated to New York City
  • Earthshock, loosely based on the original story, which would have introduced a new more savage Cyberman
  • The Horror of Fang Rock
  • The Celestial Toymaker, who was to have been under the control of the Master.
  • Don't Shoot, I'm the Doctor! (a more historically accurate version of The Gunfighters)
  • Tomb of the Cybs (a remake of Tomb of the Cybermen in which the Cybs are awoken by the Master)
  • The Yeti (The Abominable Snowmen)
  • The Ark in Space

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