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NA025 legacy
Doctor: Seventh Doctor
Companion(s): Ace, Benny
Main enemy: The Diadem, Goth, CIA
Main setting: Io, Pakha and Peladon, 3984
Key crew
Publisher: Virgin Books
Writer: Gary Russell
Release details
Release number: 25
Release date: 21 April 1994
Format: Paperback Book; 12 Chapters, 301 Pages
ISBN 0-426-20412-3
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Virgin New Adventures
Tragedy Day Theatre of War
DWM's "New Adventures order"
Uninvited Guest Theatre of War
You may be looking for the unrelated video game.

Legacy is the twenty-fifth New Adventures novel. It features the Seventh Doctor, Bernice Summerfield, Ace and the Ice Warriors. This was the third story to feature the planet Peladon.

Publisher's summary Edit

"So, that's an Ice Warrior. Brings a whole new meaning to the concept of shell suits."

The Doctor is pursuing a master criminal. The trail leads to Peladon: a desolate world once home to a barbaric, feudal society. Now the Galactic Federation is attempting to bring prosperity and civilisation to the planet. But not all Peladonians support the changes, and when ancient relics are stolen from their Citadel, the representatives of the Federation are blamed. The Doctor suspects the Ice Warrior delegation, but before long the Time Lord himself is arrested for the crime — and sentenced to death.

Elsewhere, interplanetary mercenaries are bringing one of the galaxy's most evil artefacts to Peladon, apparently on the Doctor's instruction. Ace is pursuing a dangerous mission on another world and Bernice is getting friendly — perhaps too friendly — with the Ice Warriors she has studied for so long.

The players are making the final moves in a devious and lethal plan — but for once it isn't the Doctor's.

Chapter Titles Edit

Part One - The Past

  • 1: My Shadow in Vain
  • Interlude 1

Part Two - Contemporary

  • 1: Unknown and Hostile
  • 2: In a Glasshouse
  • 3: Machine and Soul
  • 4: Strange Charm
  • Interlude 2
  • 5: A Game Called Echo
  • 6: Are Friends Electric?
  • 7: Soul Protection
  • Interlude 3
  • 8: I Die: You Die

Part Three - The Future?

  • 1: Dark Mountain

Plot Edit

to be added

Characters Edit

References Edit

Culture Edit

  • There are wind chimes from Deva Loka aboard the Bruk.
  • The Sword of Tuburr is mentioned for the first time, a symbol of the Martian's warrior past. The Sword on display on the Bruk is a replica.

The Doctor Edit

  • The Doctor's eyes are either brown or black.

Foods and beverages Edit

  • Bernice (and others) drink some wine during a meal on Peladon.

Individuals Edit

  • Queen Thalira died in a shuttle crash a few years after the Third Doctor's second visit to Peladon.
  • Keri is a Pakhar.
  • Alpha Centauri is still alive. Reproduction comes naturally with the right mental urges.
  • Savaar enjoys his kiss with Bernice.
  • Nic Reece considers himself a pretty suave PR guy.
  • Lianna gets speared (and dies) by Nic Reece.

Languages Edit

  • "Shsurr" is Martian for the equivalent of "m'lady".

Politics Edit

Species Edit

  • Ace was hamster monitor in Miss Marshall's class.

Time Lords Edit

Notes Edit

Continuity Edit

This actually marks their first appearance.

External links Edit

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