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Doctor Who: Legacy
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Doctor: Eleventh Doctor
Companion(s): Vastra
Main enemy:
Key crew
Developer: Tiny Rebel Games
Writer: Lee Cummings
Release details
Platform: iOS, Android
Genre: puzzle/adventure
Release date: 27 November 2013
Official trailer
Doctor Who Legacy - A new puzzle RPG game for mobile - Doctor Who01:17

Doctor Who Legacy - A new puzzle RPG game for mobile - Doctor Who

Another official trailer
Doctor Who Legacy Game - Doctor Who01:22

Doctor Who Legacy Game - Doctor Who

You may be looking for the unrelated novel.

Doctor Who: Legacy is a freemium game released to the iOS, Android, and Facebook platforms in the wake of the 50th anniversary special. Initially billed as an adventure featuring the Eleventh Doctor at the crux of its events, it continued to update past his era's conclusion in 2013, then transitioned to his successor, the Twelfth Doctor. As character licensing rights were obtained, the game gradually expanded to feature every direct incarnation of the Doctor.

It currently allows users to replay the events of several episodes of Doctor Who's 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th and 8th series, using — if they so wish — different combinations of Doctors, companions, and featured guest stars than were present in the story as televised. Indeed, players can replay each episode however they wish, meaning that gameplay is different for all users, and even for each individual.

It is also notable for featuring mentions and appearances of original characters from the expanded Doctor Who universe outside from the TV show, including Alice Obiefune, Gabby Gonzalez, Frobisher, Charley Pollard and Liam McShane, with more in the plans to be added.

Each week, more episodes are added for players to go through, working backwards in the Doctor Who episode line-up. According to the app description, the developers will not stop adding episodes until they have reached An Unearthly Child.

Synopsis Edit

When the Eleventh Doctor and Vastra arrive in Cardiff on 16 October 1978, they discover that the Earth has been prematurely invaded by the Sontarans, who have acquired time travel and are rewriting the planet's history. The Doctor must go back through his own personal timeline to defeat them before it's too late.

Gameplay Edit

Gameplay takes the form of a role-playing puzzle game, whereas each player has the option of using one Doctor and up to five companions on their team. At the start of the game, only the Eleventh Doctor and Vastra are available to play as, but with each episode and adventure finished, more Doctors and companions are made available to have on the team. The adventures with "Paradox" in the title unlock more Doctors.

During the episodes and adventures themselves, players take turns with the enemy opponent to align colours together. Depending on the colour(s) aligned, a player's team will either heal, attack, or be attacked.

Each day of December 2013, promotion codes were added to the game's website's Advent Calendar. These codes could be inputted within the game to unlock costumes, characters, and other helpful items.

In early 2014, fans could vote on the game's Facebook page for which "Fan Favourite ally" would be added to the games' roster. The winners were Handles, Stormageddon, Adipose, & Martha Jones.

Characters Edit

Doctors Edit

Companions Edit

Enemies Edit

Fan Area Edit

The Fan Area is a section of the game unlocked by making a purchase of 6 or more time crystals in a single transaction. New content is added and removed from the Fan Area over time. The Fan Area includes exclusive levels, characters, and outfits. The Fan Area includes 25 levels, 9 companions (8 exclusive), and 3 outfits.

Exclusive companions Edit

  • Fan Churchill
  • Fan Impresario Webley
  • Fan Ood Sigma
  • Fan Jenny
  • Fan Area Strax
  • Fan Rusty
  • Fan Teller
  • Winder (Yellow)
  • Fan Robin Hood
  • Ianto Jones +
  • ARC

Exclusive outfits Edit

  • Eleventh Doctor- Monk
  • Tenth Doctor- Tuxedo
  • Ninth Doctor- Post-regeneration War Doctor outfit
  • TARDIS - Cobwebby
  • Twelfth Doctor - Last Christmas outfit
  • Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors - Titan Comics portrait outfits

Expert Levels Edit

The Expert Levels are a special set of levels added in version 2.0. Expert levels are designed to be challenging to expert players. Completing an expert level will grant a more powerful version of a companion/doctor at a 100% drop rate. There are currently 16 experts levels in the "Expert Levels" section, and 1 additional expert level in the fan area. Available characters include:

Doctors Edit

  • First Doctor +
  • Second Doctor +
  • War Doctor +
  • Ninth Doctor +
  • Tenth Doctor +
  • Eleventh Doctor +
  • Twelfth Doctor +
  • A Mad Man with a Box/TARDIS +

Companions Edit

  • Clara Oswald +
  • Amy Pond +
  • River Song +
  • Sarah Jane Smith +
  • Rory Williams +
  • Strax +
  • K9 MK 2 +
  • Ianto Jones + (Fan Area)
  • Ace +
  • Captain Jack Harkness +
  • The Brigadier +
  • Martha Jones +
  • Mickey Smith +
  • Vastra +
  • Rose Tyler +
  • Osgood +
  • Kate Stewart +
  • Santa Claus +

Crew Edit

Tiny Rebel Games Edit

  • Original design, creative direction, and executive produced by - Tiny Rebel Games
  • Published by - Tiny Rebel Games
    • Tiny Rebel Games are Lee Cummings & Susan Cummings
  • Story by - Lee Cummings & Ben Badgett
  • Additional design support - Ben Badgett, Dan Bridge, Lanyon Cummings
  • Ingame[sic] music produced & arranged by - Chris Huelsbeck, Fabian Del'Priore
  • Additional SFX design & editing - Mark Michael-Ruddy
  • Public Relations - Indigo Pearl, Kristy Endfield, Megan King

Seed Studio Inc. Edit

  • CEO - Richard Wu
  • President - Jimmy Foo
  • Producers - Alan Kuo, Jack Yee

Art/design Edit

  • Art/game director - Alan Juo
  • Artists - Yu-Jie Chang, Lin Jiang, Yu-Chen Lu, Kuo-Chih Shu
  • Game design - Yi-Hsiang Chen, Tin-Kai Chen, Wei-Hsuan Ho

Programming Edit

  • Technical director - Jack Yee
  • Programmers - Tin-Kai Chen, Hong-Kai Chen, Shun-Wen Cheng, Zh-Xun Li, Kuo-Cheng Li, Ting-Yu Lien, Tzu-Yuan Lin, Chi-Wei Liu, Chia-Wei Tseng, Chin-Yu Wei, Wei-Hsiang Yang

Others Edit

  • IT Department - Hsiao-Cheng Huang
  • Everyone else at Seed Studio - Pei-Shih Cheng, Wei-Chieh Kuo, Sabrina Wu

Sculpin QA Edit

  • Additional QA by Sculpin QA
  • Project Manager - Max Knechtel
  • Lead Tester - Kiefer Richardson
  • Testers - Chris Amos, Garrett McPhee, Joel MacNeill, Marissa Hall

Notes Edit

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