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Lethbridge-Stewart was a series of novels and short stories published by Candy Jar Books beginning in 2015, overseen by editor/author Andy Frankham-Allen, and co-edited by Shaun Russell, Hayley Cox, Will Rees and Lauren Thomas. They starred recurring Doctor Who character Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart and co-starred Anne Travers.

The stories bridged the gap between The Web of Fear and The Invasion. They were not licensed by the BBC but by Henry Lincoln and the Mervyn Haisman estate, the copyright holders for the character. They included various elements of other Doctor Who stories, by agreement/license of the original authors, such as Terrance Dicks, who wrote Horror of Fang Rock, and Gary Russell, who created the Vault in The Scales of Injustice.

The series built up a new team around Lethbridge-Stewart and Anne Travers, including William Bishop, Samson Ware, and Walter Douglas. It also featured recurring characters, both Harold Chorley and Private Evans come from The Web of Fear, while new characters are added to the roster; of note are Sally Wright, Lethbridge-Stewart's fiancee, Owain Vine, Lethbridge-Stewart's nephew, and Oliver Hamilton.

The series particularly delved deeper into the history and character of Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, creating a whole family for him not previously seen on television. Family members included; Mary Gore, his mother. James Lethbridge-Stewart, his older brother who died in 1938. Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, his father, a commander in the RAF who was declared Missing In Action at the end of World War II. The series also developed an extended family for Anne Travers and her father, Professor Travers. These included; Alun Travers, Anne's brother. Lyndon Travers, Anne's grandfather and Professor Travers' father. Margaret Travers, Anne's mother. Ben Travers, from Horror of Fang Rock, was revealed to be the uncle of Professor Travers.

As well as the novels, which tended to follow an ongoing narrative, the short stories occasionally dipped into different periods of Lethbridge-Stewart's past and future. For instance, Ashes of the Inferno was set directly after the TV story, Inferno, and The Lock-In was set around the time of his death. The Enfolded Time not only offered up a solution to the UNIT dating controversy, but also introduced the son of Lethbridge-Stewart and Doris, Albert Wilson. More family members were added in the short story Lucy Wilson, in the shape of Albert's family; his wife Tamara, sons Conall, Nick and daughter Lucy. What's Past is Prologue set in 1917 featured Lethbridge-Stewart's grandfather, Alistair, and his father as child, as well as his uncle, Matthew. It also featured a cameo from Archibald Lethbridge-Stewart, and implied that he might even really be the father of Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, and thus Lethbridge-Stewart's real grandfather (as suggested in behind the scenes material for Twice Upon a Time).

Novels Edit

Title Writer(s) Release date
The Forgotten Son Andy Frankham-Allen 26 February 2015
The Schizoid Earth David A. McIntee 25 September 2015
Beast of Fang Rock Andy Frankham-Allen 29 October 2015
Mutually Assured Domination Nick Walters 20 November 2015
Moon Blink Sadie Miller 17 May 2016
The Showstoppers Jonathan Cooper 25 June 2016
The Grandfather Infestation John Peel 29 July 2016
Times Squared Rick Cross 30 October 2016
Blood of Atlantis Simon A. Forward 1 December 2016
Mind of Stone Iain McLaughlin 16 December 2016
Night of the Intelligence Andy Frankham-Allen 9 June 2017
The Daughters of Earth Sarah Groenewegen 24 July 2017
The Dreamer's Lament Benjamin Burford-Jones 10 August 2017
A Very Private Haunting Sharon Bidwell January 2018
The Man from Yesterday Nick Walters March 2018

Short stories Edit

Title Writer(s) Featuring Release date
The Ambush! Andy Frankham-Allen Lethbridge-Stewart, Evans, Knight, Travers, Yeti February 2015
The Forgotten Son original opening Andy Frankham-Allen Lethbridge-Stewart, Chorley 5 April 2015
One Cold Step David A. McIntee & Andy Frankham-Allen Anne, Travers, Hawkins 8 July 2015
Legacies Norma Ashley Lethbridge-Stewart, Anne, Pemberton, Knight, Vine, Bishop, Douglas, Blake, Great Intelligence 25 September 2015
The Cult of the Grinning Man Tom Dexter Lethbridge-Stewart, Hamilton 14 October 2015
The Dogs of War Andy Frankham-Allen Lethbridge-Stewart, Gilmore, Travers, Johnston, Yeti 17 November 2015
The Fright Before Christmas Tom Dexter Lethbridge-Stewart, Sally 23 December 2015
In His Kiss Sue Hampton Lethbridge-Stewart 8 March 2016
The Black Eggs of Khufu Tom Dexter Lethbridge-Stewart 26 March 2016
The Enfolded Time Andy Frankham-Allen Lethbridge-Stewart, Bishop, Wilson 12 April 2016
The Creatures in the Cave Rick Cross Travers, Great Intelligence 12 April 2016
The Lock-In Sarah Groenewegen Lethbridge-Stewart 7 May 2016
The Band of Evil Roger J Simmonds & Shaun Russell Lethbridge-Stewart 6 June 2016
The Playing Dead Adrian Sherlock Anne, Bishop 21 July 2016
The Last Duty Christopher Bryant Lethbridge-Stewart, Anne 9 September 2016
Ashes of Inferno Andy Frankham-Allen Lethbridge-Stewart, Alastair, James, Owain, Fiona, Kate September 2016
House of Giants Rick Cross Lethbridge-Stewart, Anne, Bishop September 2016
Schädengeist's First Love Jonathan Cooper Lethbridge-Stewart September 2016
Exodus from Venus John Peel Lethbridge-Stewart September 2016
Eve of the Fomorians Robert Mammone Anne, Ware, Bishop 20 October 2016
The Wishing Bazaar Sharon Bidwell Lethbridge-Stewart 25 November 2016
The Feast of Evans Simon A. Forward Lethbridge-Stewart, Evans, Ware 15 December 2016
Home for Christmas Various Lethbridge-Stewart, Anne, Bishop, Ware, Sally, Owain, Mary, Travers, Alun, Douglas 15 December 2016
The Bledoe Cadets and the Bald Man of Pengriffen Tim Gambrell Lethbridge-Stewart, James March 2017

Novellas Edit

Anthologies Edit