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Levithians were a species of humanoids from Levithia. They once belonged to the Levithian Empire, led by Asher and Ella. (PROSE: The Twins in the Wood) They were later a member of the Cyrrhenic Empire. (TV: The Ribos Operation)

When the emperor of the Levithian Empire was killed by his brother Grath, his children, Asher and Ella, fled to Gallifrey to escape a similar fate. When the twins came of age, the emperor's advisor, Rigel came for them and returned them home, where they took back their empire. (PROSE: The Twins in the Wood)

During the frontier wars, the emperor Graff Vynda-K left the throne and fought in the war, allowing his half-brother to come in and take power. Following this, Graff Vynda-K went in search of a planet where he could create an army to take back his planet. (TV: The Ribos Operation)

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