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Lies cover
Main character(s): Romana II, Leela, K9 Mark I, K9 Mark II
Featuring: Cardinal Braxiatel, Coordinator Narvin, Romana I
Main enemy: Inquisitor Darkel, Pandora, Castellan Andred, Free Time
Main setting: The Vaults, Gallifrey, The Matrix
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Gary Russell
Director: Gary Russell
Music: David Darlington
Sound: David Darlington
Cover by: Lee Binding
Release details
Release number: Chapter Five
Release date: April 2005
Format: 1 CD
Production code: BFPGALLCD05
ISBN 1-84435-121-1
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A Blind Eye Spirit
Official trailer
Lies was the first story of the second series of Big Finish's Gallifrey audio series. It was written by Gary Russell.

Publisher's summary Edit

"I don't believe in destinies foretold and all that. I am a rational, straightforward thinker.'

Some time has passed since the events surrounding the Timonic Fusion Device threatened Romana's presidency with impeachment, and life has calmed down on Gallifrey. Well, apart from Romana's latest scheme, the opening up of Gallifrey's famed Academy to the students of alien races with the ability, or the potential, to harness temporal powers.

Unfortunately, deep below the Capitol, Leela, confused and morose over the truth about her husband Andred, disturbs a malevolent power. Something from the Dark Days of Ancient Gallifrey.

Something that wants to be reborn and will use any and every means that is at hand. Including the past of Gallifrey's incumbent President...

Plot Edit

to be added

Cast Edit

References Edit

  • Braxiatel's nickname at the Time Lord Academy was "Icicle" while Romana's was "Ice Maiden".
  • Braxiatel was Romana's tutor while she was attending the Academy, however she failed to remember this because Braxiatel used hypnosis to block the memories of her connections with Pandora.
  • Wynter is from the Arcalian Chapter. He states that he has trained with Castellan Maxil regularly.
  • Pandora allegedly hired a female bodyguard that was thought to be a Killoran, although records were unclear.
  • The White Guardian disrupted Braxiatel's plans to keep an eye on Romana.
  • The Black Guardian inadvertently broke through the memory block in Romana's mind by torturing her.
  • The Archivist mentions Pandak VIII.

Notes Edit

  • Mary Tamm returns to play Romana I. This marks Tamm's first appearance in a Big Finish audio drama.
  • Maxil is mentioned but does not appear.

Continuity Edit

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