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Light looks left
Main aliases: The Burning One
Appearance: Ghost Light
Main actor: John Hallam (actor)
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Light was a traveller who journeyed through the universe making a Catalogue of Life.

Biography Edit

Light was a traveller of the universe. He took it upon himself to catalogue all organic matter. He took Nimrod, a member of the Neanderthal race, as a specimen for his catalogue. Redvers Fenn-Cooper claimed to have seen a dazzling light while hunting in Africa, noting that it had wings and other features similar to those of Light. Light had slept for centuries in his spaceship and life had evolved.

Josiah Samuel Smith was Light's survey, run under the auspices of another alien on Light's ship, Control. Josiah changed to mimic the different life on Earth and in doing so, left behind Husks.

Light was angry that his catalogue was ruined because life evolved. He decided to destroy all organic matter so it would stop changing and his catalogue would be complete.

Light killed a maid and took her apart in order to see how her body worked. He killed Inspector Mackenzie, turning him into soup, and turned Lady Pritchard and her daughter Gwendoline to stone. The Seventh Doctor showed Light that he himself was evolving. Light, in an effort to prevent himself from changing, dispersed himself. (TV: Ghost Light)

Appearance Edit

Light's appearance was majestic and imposing, which wildly contrasted with his bewildered, frustrated behaviour, doddering speech pattern and screeching timbre. Light's form depended on his environment. When he awoke he naturalised in a human form, glowing with a yellow light and wore a yellow robe. The Seventh Doctor told Ace that he moved at the speed of thought. (TV: Ghost Light)

Personality Edit

Light had an absolute hatred of change, even finding the idea of himself changing to be nonsense. Depending on his mood, he could speak in a timid voice or an angered voice.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Doctor's comment that Light travels at the speed of thought is a play on the fact that thought supposedly travels at the speed of light.

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