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A Linx class cruiser was a Sontaran battle ship serving the Sontaran Empire from at least 2371.

A Linx class cruiser resembled three globes that had been run through with a spit. It was hyperspace-capable and carried a large complement of troops for surface assault, as well as many fighters and Goban class III gunships. As of 2371, such ships were captained by generals.

Linx class cruisers were shielded, and had multiple weapons systems, including meson cannons and photonic missiles. Though complete dimensions of the vessel are unavailable, it is known that the cruisers were very large, and were usually supported by smaller ships, including Valt-Class destroyers and War Wheels.

During the Battle of Antares, a large Sontaran task force commanded by Fleet Marshal Stentor was led by a Linx-class cruiser. The mission was to strike at a Rutan base on Antares whilst the Rutan fleet had been drawn away into a deadly trap set by the Sontarans in the Unukalhai system. However, the Fifth Doctor and his allies had foiled the trap and notified the Rutans.

In the ensuing battle, the Linx-class cruiser took damage from the enemy forces, as well as sabotage by a Rutan spy. Stentor was killed in action, and General Skelp assumed command. With reactors failing, he turned his vessel into a battering ram against the Rutan base. The detonation of the vessel's reactors destroyed the base and much of both warring fleets. (PROSE: Lords of the Storm)

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