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Lip-reading was the ability to understand what an individual was saying without hearing them, only through the movement of their lips.

When the Korads met the First Doctor, they found it difficult to hear him speak, but some of them had become expert in lip-reading. (PROSE: Peril in Mechanistria)

Gavin Oliver Scott fell in love with Irene Gilbey, who was deaf. He learned lip-reading to help communicate with her. (PROSE: The Least Important Man)

Sam used binoculars (given to her by the Eighth Doctor) made in the Filipino Protectorate in 4993 which had lip-reading software. (PROSE: Interference - Book One)

When the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble found each other, due to them both investigating the Adipose Industries, they had to read each other's lips in order to understand each other, as there were two windows and a room between them. (TV: Partners in Crime)

The Eye-5 could not transmit sound, but the lens had lip-reading software. It translated lip movements to speech after a delay of a second or two. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Three)

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