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Lisa Bowerman
Lisa Bowerman
In the DWU
Main roles: Bernice Summerfield, Ellie Higson, Karra
Main jobs: Actor, Director
Stories: see credits section
Main time period active: 1989, 1998-present
Career highlights
Notable non-DWU work: Casualty, Grange Hill, Bad Girls, Spooks, Coronation Street
IMDb profile
Twitter page
Official site

Lisa Bowerman is an actor and director. She played Karra in Survival, the last televised story of the original Doctor Who series, but is better known as the voice of Professor Bernice Summerfield in the spin-off audio dramas produced by Big Finish Productions. She is also the human face of the character, appearing in publicity photographs dressed as Summerfield. She is the younger sister of Robin Bowerman.

Bowerman also provides the voice of Ellie Higson in the Jago and Litefoot audio series and the voice of Murash in the I, Davros story Guilt. She has appeared in Dreamland, an animated Doctor Who serial, as the voice of Seruba Velak. She has also directed many stories in Big Finish's various ranges, including being the most prolific director of the Companion Chronicles as well as being the sole director of the Jago & Litefoot series.

She also contributed to the reference book Chicks Dig Time Lords: A Celebration of Doctor Who by the Women Who Love It.

She was a regular in the first series of the BBC medical drama Casualty and is also a professional photographer.

In the DWU Edit

  • In the audio story In Living Memory, the Epoch convince Bernice Summerfield that she is actually an actress named Lisa Bowerman, merely playing a character.

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As Ellie Higson.

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