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Below is a checklist to the range of various 5" figures produced by Character Options.

It includes variant releases and "characters" that may have been available only as part a combined release or a "Build-it" model (built from separately available pieces accompanying main releases). Remote-controlled variants are omitted.

Classic Series releases Edit

Doctor Who (standard releases) Edit

Deluxe releases Edit

Sarah Jane Adventures Edit

  • 001 Sarah Jane Smith (in striped dress and red coat)
  • 002 Sarah Jane Smith (in red top)
  • 003 Sarah Jane Smith (in red top and white coat)
  • 004 Sarah Jane Smith (in brown waistcoat)
  • 005 Star Poet
  • 006 Baby Slitheen
  • 007 Kudlak
  • 008 Graske

External links Edit

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