The following is a list of special features found on DVD releases issued in Region 2, the UK. The vast majority of these special features have also been released in Region 1 (North America) and Region 4 (Australia and vicinity), though occasionally rights issues have prevented this.

This list includes audio-visual featurettes and DVD-ROM material (PDF files, mostly) accessible via personal computer. The list does not generally include features such as audio commentaries or trivia subtitles, since as of fall 2010 all classic-series releases have included these features. Occasionally titles have been reissued with new or different features. Some features included across numerous releases, such as the fortieth anniversary music video, are not included, nor are trailers for upcoming releases.

In cases where stories have been combined into sets (e.g. the first three First Doctor stories which were issued as the box set The Beginning), special features applicable to a specific story have been listed, where possible.

First Doctor Edit

Second Doctor Edit

Third Doctor Edit

Fourth Doctor Edit

  • Robot - Are Friends Electric?, The Tunnel Effect, Blue Peter, Radio Times Listings, BBC Enterprise Literature
  • The Ark in Space - Designing Doctor Who Roger Murray-Leach Interview, News Item Tom Baker Interview, Model Sequences, CGI Feature, BBC 1 Trailer, Unused Title Sequence, Tardis Cam 1, Space Station Schematics
  • The Sontaran ExperimentBuilt for War
  • Genesis of the Daleks - Genesis of a Classic, The Dalek Tapes, Continuity Compilation, Blue Peter, Radio Times Billings, Doctor Who Annual 1976
  • Revenge of the Cybermen - Checks, Lies and Videotapes, The Tin Man and the Witch, Location Report - Archive interview with Tom Baker at Wookey Hole
  • Planet of Evil - A Darker Side, Planetery Performance, Studio Scene, Continuity Compilation, Radio Times Billings
  • Pyramids of Mars - Deleted Scenes, Osirian Gothic, Serial Thrillers, Now & Then, Oh Mummy
  • The Andriod Invasion - The Village That Came to Life, Life After Who: Phillip Hinchcliffe,
  • The Brain of Morbius - Getting a Head, Designs on Karn, Set Tour, Sketch Gallery, Radio Times Listings
  • The Seeds of Doom - Podshock, Playing the Green Cathedral, Stripped for Action, Now and Then, So what do you do exactly?, Isolated Score
  • The Masque of Mandragora - The Secret of the Labyrinth, Bigger on the Inside, Now and Then, Unused Title Sequence, Beneath the Masque
  • The Hand of Fear - Changing Time, Swap Shop, Continuity Compilation, Radio Times Billings, Doctor Who Annual 1977
  • The Deadly Assassin - The Matrix Revisited, The Gallifrayan Candidate, The Frighten Factor, Radio Times Billings
  • The Robots of Death - Featurette Model Sequences, Featurette In-Studio included with above, Studio Floor Plans
  • The Talons of Weng-ChiangWhose Doctor Who, Blue Peter Theatre, Behind the scenes, Philip Hinchcliffe Interview, Trails and Continuity, Tardis-Cam No 6
  • Horror of Fang Rock - Terrance Dicks: Fact & Fiction, Paddy Russell - A Life in Television, The Antiques Doctor Who Show
  • The Invisible Enemy - Dreams and Fantasy, Studio Sweepings, Visual Effects
  • Image of the Fendahl - After Image, Deleted and Extended Scenes, Trailer, Radio Times Billings
  • The Sun Makers - Running from the Tax Man, The Doctor's Composer: Part 2,
  • Underworld - Into the Unknown, Underworld - In Studio, Radio Times listings (PDF)
  • The Invasion of Time - Out of Time, The Rise and Fall of Gallifrey, The Elusive David Agnew, Deleted Scenes, Continuity, Radio Times Listings
Note that Region 1 releases of the DVDs above this note have additional continuity announcements by Howard Da Silva, which appeared on episodes when they were originally aired in North America in the 1970s and early 1980s.

Fifth Doctor Edit

  • Castrovalva - Being Doctor Who, Directing Castrovala, The Crowded Tardis, Peter Davison on Blue Peter, Peter Davison on Swap Shop, Deleted Scenes, Theme Music Video, Music-only Option, Trailers and Continuity Announcements, Doctor Who Annual 1982, Radio Times Billings, BBC Enterprise Literature
  • Four to Doomsday - Studio Recording, Saturday Night at the Mill, Theme Music Video, Radio Times Billings
  • Kinda - Dream Time, Peter Grimwade: Directing With Attitude, Deleted and Extended Scenes, Optional CGI Effects
  • The Visitation - Directing Who, Writing a Final Visitation
  • Black Orchid - Now & Then, Deleted Scenes, Stripped for Action - The Fifth Doctor, Blue Peter, Points of View, Film Restoration, Radio Times Listings
  • Earthshock - Putting the 'Shock' into Earthshock, 40th Anniversary, CGI Effects, Location Film Sequences, Music-only Option, Did you See?, Episode 5
  • Time-Flight - Mouth on Legs, Deleted Scenes, Jurassic Larks, Out-takes, Peter Grimwade Interview, Doctor Who Annual 1983, Radio Times Billings
  • Arc of Infinity - Anti-matter from Amsterdam, The Omega Factor, Deleted Scenes, Under Arc Lights, CGI Effects, Continuities, Isolated Music, Radio Times Billings, Doctor Who Annual 1983
  • Snakedance - Snake Charmer, In Studio, Deleted Scenes, Saturday Superstore, Isolated Music Score
  • Mawdryn Undead - Who Wants to Live Forever, Liberty Hall, Deleted & Extended Scenes, Film Trims and Out-takes, CGI Effects, Studio Floorboards
  • Terminus - Breaking Point, Origins of the Universe, Original Storyboards and Model Shots, CGI Effects
  • Enlightenment - Remastered movie version with new special effects, Winner Takes All, Casting Off, Single Write Female, The Story of the Guardians, Storyboards, Re-Enlightenment, Original Edit Comparison, Film Trims, Finding Mark Strickson, Finding Sarah Sutton, Russell Harty's Christmas Party, Radio Times Doctor Who 20th Anniversity Special
  • The King's Demons - Kamelion: Metal Man, Magna Carta, isolated score, Radio Times listings (PDF)
  • The Five Doctors - Celebration, Isolated Music, Radio Times Billings, Trailers and Continuity Announcements, The Ties That Bind Us, Five Doctors, One Studio, Out-takes, [Not So] Special Effects, Saturday Superstore, Blue Peter, Nationwide, Breakfast Time, Isolated Music
  • Warriors of the Deep - The Depths, They Came from Beneath the Sea, Science in Action, Trails and Continuities, Isolated Music, Radio Times Billings
  • The Awakening - Return to Little Hodcombe, Making the Malus, Now and Then, From the Cutting Room Floor, Golden Egg Awards
  • Frontios - Driven to Distractation, Deleted and Extended Scenes
  • Resurrection of the Daleks - Resurrection of the Daleks - On Location, Deleted Scenes, Breakfast Time Features, BBC 1 Trailer, Music-only Option, Tardis-Cam No. 4
  • Planet of Fire - Return to the Planet of Fire, Designs on Sarn, Special Edition, Introduction by Fiona Cunning, Calling the Shots, Remembering Anthony Ainley, Deleted and Extended Scenes
  • The Caves of Androzani - Extended Scene, Behind the scenes - the Regeneration, Behind the scenes - Creating Sharaz Jek, News Report, News Feature, Music-only Option, BBC 1 Trailer

Sixth Doctor Edit

Seventh Doctor Edit

  • Time and the Rani - The Last Chance Saloon, 7D FX, Helter-Skelter, Lakertya, Hot Gossip, On Location, Blue Peter
  • Paradise Towers - Horror on the High Rise, Casting Sylvester, Girls! Girls! Girls! The 80s, Deleted and Extended Scenes, Alternative Soundtrack
  • Delta and the Bannermen - But First This, Interview Rushes, Wales Today, Part One: First edit, Hugh and Us, Clown Court, Stripped for Action: The Seventh Doctor
  • Dragonfire - The Fire and Ice, Deleted and Extended Scenes, The Doctor's Strange Love, Big Bang Theory, Isolated Music
  • Remembrance of the Daleks - Back to School, Remembrances, Davros Collections, Extended and Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, Multi-Angle Sequences
  • The Happiness Patrol - Making-Of Documentary, Deleted and Extended Scenes, "Ace" wishes Blue Peter Happy Birthday, Politics in Doctor Who
  • Silver Nemesis - Industrial Action, Deleted and Extended Scenes
  • The Greatest Show in the Galaxy - The Show Must Go On, Deleted and Extended Scenes, Deleted and Extended Scenes, The Physic Circus, Tomorrow's Times, Victoria Wood as Seen on TV.
  • Battlefield - Storm Over Avallion, Past and Future King, Watertank, From Kingdom to Queen, Studio Recording, Special Edition
  • Ghost Light - Light in Dark Places, Deleted and Extended Scenes, Shooting Ghosts, Writer's Question Time
  • The Curse of Fenric - Nebula '90, Take Two, Modelling the Dead, Claws and Effects, Clean Title Sequence, Special Edition, Shattering the Chains, Costume Design, Recutting the Runes
  • Survival - Cat Flap, Deleted and Extended Scenes, Outtakes, Engame, Search Out Space, Little Girl Lost, Destiny of the Doctors