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The following list of cliffhangers gives a brief summary of each audio drama cliffhanger.

Big Finish Edit

Main range Edit

1-25 Edit

26-50 Edit

  • Part One - Evelyn is trapped in a barrel on a burning ship.
  • Part Two - The Sixth Doctor begins singing.
  • Part Three: The Doctor is thrown off Red Jasper's ship.
  • Part One - The Seventh Doctor appears outside John Smith's house.
  • Part Two - The Doctor is threatened by Death.
  • Part Three - Jade reveals her true identity.

51-75 Edit

  • Part One - The Sixth Doctor realises that Bianca's isn't on earth.
  • Part Two - Iris begins singing under the influence of the Psychic worms.
  • Part Three - The Doctor points a gun at Iris, saying "You my dear, will have to die.".

76-99 Edit

  • Part One - Peri and Erimem are separated from the Fifth Doctor by two years.
  • Part Two - Erimem comes to the conclusion that she and Peri have to kill the princes.
  • Part Three - Mr. Seyton reveals that he is William Shakespeare
  • Part One - After a long talk with a waiter, Katherine Chambers decides to continue with her plans. She approaches Tegan, pulls out a gun, and tells Tegan to come with her. She then says a phrase commonly associated with the cybermen: "You have nothing to fear".

101-125 Edit

  • Part One - Brewster's mother lifts her veil.
  • Part Two - The phantoms successfully time travel to the year 2008.
  • Part Three - Brewster steals the TARDIS.
  • Part Four - Brewster steals the TARDIS (again).
  • Part One - Magus Riga gives Etin a gift: a deactivated Cyberman!
  • Part Two - The Cybermen begin waking up from their tombs.
  • Part One: The Doctor realises that he has to make the attrocity that happens on Bliss happen.
  • Part Two: Whilst the Doctor witnesses the birth of the Kiseibya, the Daleks enter the infirmary and prepare to exterminate Hex.
  • Part Three: The Doctor tries to persuade Toshio Shimura that the Kiseibya will continue to breed and replace the Daleks.

126-149 Edit

  • Part One - The Fifth Doctor and Nyssa are forced to enter Stockbridge Castle.
  • Part Two - The demons are revealed to be Rutans.
  • Part Three - Nyssa is absorbed by the Rutan Drone Leader. The Doctor fails to escape the Castle before the Drawbridge closes.
  • Part Four - The Doctor and Nyssa are caught in the explosion of the Rutan Ship.
  • Part One - The Seventh Doctor activates thousands of dormant robots. The Super Voc states that he has ten seconds to explain the situation or he will be killed.
  • Part Two - The Doctor explains that the entire situation is set-up.
  • Part Three - The Doctor is strangled by a murderous robot.

151-175 Edit

  • Part One - Davros tells the Daleks that he has plans for the Sixth Doctor.
  • Part Two - Flip discovers that Davros and the Doctor switched minds.
  • Part Three - Napoléon's army marches towards battle with the Daleks.

176-200 Edit

201-TBA Edit

  • Part One - The Doctor and Constance are near a time bomb about to explode.
  • Part Two - The Waveform manifests.
  • Part Three - Robbie Flint allies himself with the Waveform.
  • Dead to the World - The Doctor tells the TARDIS that he knows she has been trying to reach someone. He helps the TARDIS go to this mysterious woman.
  • Aquitaine
  • Part One - The Doctor realises that the dates provided by the TARDIS are incorrect; he's in Manchester on 15 August 1819!
  • Part Two - The Doctor tells Tegan that one of the most brutal events in Earth's history is about to begin: the Peterloo Massacre.
  • Part Three - Nyssa confronts Hurley, telling him that he killed both Cathey and her child.

Companion Chronicles Edit

Series 3 Edit

  • Part One - Jo is inside a building that is exploding backwards in time. She is unable to escape before the building implodes.
  • Part One - Ian sees a hand waving at him from the ocean. Somehow, the hand influences Joseph Banks to begin chanting "You must join you friends!", as he pushes Ian off the side of the ship.
  • Part One - Polly realises that one of the soldiers is her uncle, Randolph Wright.
  • Part One - Mike Yates and Jo are cornered in Diamond Jack's house. He begins to use his weather powers to freeze the house's doors and windows preventing their escape. He then menacingly welcomes them to his home.

Series 5 Edit

  • Part One - Sara leaves the House after she was brought back to life from Robert.

Series 6 Edit

Series 7 Edit

  • Part One - Ian Chesterton and Pendolin are trapped in a recreation of the TARDIS. They can either stay inside and have their memories eaten or go into the unknown.
  • Part One - Steven decides to save his younger self, knowing that the masked man that had saved him all those years ago had died.
  • Part One - Miss Fortune traps Ben in her casino's most famous attraction, the Game of Life. Ben has a fifty percent chance of being disintegrated!
  • Part One - The Scorchies sing a song about how they killed the Doctor.

Special Releases Edit

  • Part One - Ian meets the Wisfornal, and discovers that he's the First Doctor.

The Lost Stories Edit

Series 1 Edit

Series 2 Edit

  • Part One - Ace's guide reveals himself as a member of the militant group of rebels at war with the government of Kafiristan. He prepares to shoot Ace.
  • Part Two - Ace learns that Valentin was apparently attacked by insects. She hears laser blasts outside.
  • Part Three - Sayf Udeen is killed by a stray bullet, leaving Ace to defeat the Metatraxi in a one on one duel.
  • Part Four - Raine decides to join the Doctor and Ace. They decide to investigate Margrave University.

Series 3 Edit

  • Part One - The High Priest is alerted to the Fifth Doctor's presence. He orders the Doctor be brought to him.
  • Part Two - The High Priest enters his "throne".
  • Part Three - Nyssa is revealed to be brain-washed by the Elite.

The Early Adventures Edit

Season 1 Edit

Season 2 Edit

  • Part One - The Doctor, Jamie and Ben discover the corpses of the hotel staff in a locked room.
  • Part Two - The creature begins killing the Doctor.
  • Part Three - The search party discovers the days old corpse of Captain Freeman.
  • Part One - Constable Pavo says the Doctor and his companions are trespassing, the penalty for which is death.
  • Part Two - Pavo reveals to Victoria that he is the Monk.
  • Part Three - The Seeth begin to emerge and attack the habitat.
  • Part One - Zoe encounters three Cybermen.
  • Part Two - Jamie is knocked to the ground by a man and finds the barrel of a gun in his face.
  • Part Three - The Doctor, Jamie, Zoe and the Ison security team find the Cybermen's travel pod bearing down on them.

The Third Doctor Adventures Edit

  • Part One - Janos Perel's spaceship explodes, killing Zalrick.
  • Part Two - Jo finds traces of Halgonite, a substance used to create bombs, on the Doctor's hands.
  • Part Three - An explosion releases the Ato Eels.

The Fourth Doctor Adventures Edit

Series 2 Edit

Series 3 Edit

Doom Coalition Edit

Bernice Summerfield Edit

Jago & Litefoot Edit

Special Releases Edit

  • Part One - Bob Dovie enters the Fifth Doctor's TARDIS. Surprised by its interior, Bob exclaims "This is impossible". The TARDIS is destroyed.

The Worlds of Big Finish Edit

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