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Why do we need such a page when we have Category:Individual Gallifreyans and Category:Individual Time Lords? It's also not a clearly defined difference between the two. Please note that the BTS section even states "The distinction has remained somewhat vague."

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This is a list of known individual Time Lords, Time Ladies and Gallifreyans.

List of Time Lords Edit

Old Times Edit

Founding Time Lords Edit

See notes.

Other Gallifreyans Edit

Individuals connected with the Doctor Edit

Family Edit
Immediate family Edit
Friends Edit
House of Lungbarrow Edit
The Deca Edit
Time Lords companions of the Doctor Edit
Other old acquaintances and friends Edit

Other Time Lords Edit

Partial Time Lords Edit

List of Gallifreyans Edit

Behind the scenes Edit

Time Lords versus Gallifreyans Edit

The distinction has remained somewhat vague.

Three other founders of Time Lord society Edit

Apart from the well-known triumvirate of Rassilon, Omega, and the Other, The Infinity Doctors states that in its universe at least, Apeiron and two other unnamed individuals contributed to the founding of Time Lord society. The Ancestor Cell confirms Apeiron as a founding Time Lord of the "main" Doctor Who universe and mentions also another founder, Pandak. Another name, Eutenoyar, appears as the focus of a cult similar to that of Apeiron.

The Doctor's family Edit

Additional family members are likely, as implied by various comments made by the Doctor that he had been a father. In addition, assuming Susan is truly a blood relative (some accounts differ), that implies the existence of at least one son or daughter predating the artificial creation of Jenny.

Other members of the House of Lungbarrow Edit

All in all, the Doctor had forty-five Cousins. Owis was Loomed after all the others, including the Doctor.

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