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Listening Watch was a Brief Encounter short story published in DWMS Winter 1991.

Summary Edit

Sergeant John Benton fetches coffee and snacks for Captain Mike Yates and himself in readiness for another evening shift on radio standby. Contemplating another quiet evening, their planned game of Pontoon is postponed when the Brigadier calls them into world-saving action.

Plot Edit

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Characters Edit

References Edit

  • Mike prefers tea, and if he did drink coffee, says he wouldn't take sugar in it.
  • Mike's trying to get into Second Stage Lensmen. He used to like that sort of thing, before he got personal introductions from the Doctor.
  • The Brigadier tells them that the Third Doctor requests twelve metres of heavy duty electric cable and "that thing he was working on in the lab yesterday".
  • They're battling the Yeti.

Notes Edit

to be added

Continuity Edit

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