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Lloyd Collins
Lloyd Collins
Species: Human
Spouse: Devina Collins
Children: Jess Collins, Maxwell Collins
First seen in: The Pestilent Heart
Other appearances:

Lloyd Collins was a worker at Brixton tube station. He was the husband of Devina Collins and the father of Jess and Maxwell Collins.

In 1948,[1] Lloyd came to Great Britain on the Windrush. During the voyage, he met Devina and fell in love. Buying a house in Brixton, London, they married and had two children: Jess and Maxwell.

In 1972, while working at Brixton station, Lloyd was attacked by the animated corpse of a Hakuai called Moan'na. Lloyd fell ill and was taken to Kings College Hospital. The bacterial infection, mutated by Moan'na's biological resequencer, transformed Lloyd into a Hakuai. Lloyd then fled, taking Jess with him. The infection went airborne, but the Twelfth Doctor cured Lloyd by feeding Moan'na's resequencer, keyed to Jess and Devina's familial DNA, to Lloyd, curing him. He used the TARDIS' telepathic circuits to rewrite the DNA of the other infected humans to return them to normal, but this caused the TARDIS to overload, trapping the Doctor in 1972. With nowhere for the Doctor to go, Devina offered him to stay with the Collins family. (COMIC: The Pestilent Heart)

After the Doctor moved himself and the TARDIS into the Collins residence, he and Lloyd talked about his infection. While the Doctor was talking about the "beasties" that threatened Earth, he was attacked by Lloyd's cat Tibbsy. Lloyd tried explaining to the Tibbsy that the Doctor was. He told the Doctor that like Lloyd, Tibbsy was always looking out for his family. (COMIC: Moving In)

On Christmas Eve, Maxwell asked Lloyd if he was still getting a bike for Christmas. The following morning, Lloyd opened the front door, where he was met by the entire street, who Devina invited for breakfast as a reminder that they were a community and to remember Carmen, who had died over Christmas 1971. (COMIC: Be Forgot)

In 1973, the Collins family were knocked out by Katya Dabrowski and her men, and taken to an apartment in central London. They were greeted by the Master, who told them the Doctor was a threat to them and a powerful and deceitful alien. Ensuring the Collins family that the Doctor would never hurt them again, the Master brought them to a machine that sent them on a "long journey" elsewhere. (COMIC: Doorway to Hell)

Footnotes Edit

  1. In part three of The Pestilent Heart, Devina states that she and Lloyd have lived in Brixton for 24 years.

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