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The Lochnessy Alien was an alien imprisoned in the Department's Dauntless Prison in London in the year 2050.

Biology Edit

The Lochnessy Alien had brown skin and black eyes. He wore a suit and a kilt. He had a breathing apparatus that consisted of a golden mask covering his face, with two air tubes connected to a component on his back. It was held in place by a shoulder harness. (TV: Liberation)

History Edit

In the year 2050, the Lochnessy Alien was imprisoned in the Dauntless Prison in the Tower of London. When K9 Mark 2, Starkey, Darius Pike and Jorjie Turner tried to stop a Jixen in the prison, all the prisoners were allowed to leave, including the Lochnessy Alien. (TV: Liberation)

During his imprisonment he presumably had some of his DNA taken by the Meron scientists to create Project: Trojan. (TV: The Eclipse of the Korven)