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Lockdown Conversations: 1 was a story in the Bernice Summerfield anthology Life During Wartime. It was written by Paul Cornell.

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As Benny walks the grounds at the Collection, she sees Jason directing a crew of Thoolmids. When he sees her, he comes to greet her. He tries to explain that people don't understand what the Fifth Axis is trying to do.

This encounter leads Benny to meet with Bev and Vosta. Vosta states that the Axis has a deep support system. Bev notes that the Axis is using technology far in advance of their abilities.

Bev suggests to Benny that they have an associate who deals with this kind of situation, but Benny states that they don't know how to contact him. Benny wishes them good luck; Bev thinks she is still mourning Peter.

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