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"Lofty" was a nickname used by the Twelfth Doctor for a Viking blacksmith whom he trained to be a warrior to fight the Mire.

"Lofty"'s village was visited by the Doctor and Clara Oswald during the 9th century,[1] coinciding with an attempted incursion by the Mire. The Mire transported the warriors of the village to their ship, where they were killed, leaving "Lofty" and the other villagers defenceless. Following this, he agreed to train for battle under the tutelage of the Doctor.

"Lofty" had a child, who was inadvertently responsible for helping the Doctor construct an elaborate plan to defeat the Mire using electric eels and metal wiring. After helping to enact the plan and chasing off the Mire, "Lofty" celebrated with the rest of his village. (TV: The Girl Who Died)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • When Lofty tried to correct the Doctor on his name, he starting saying "Bro..." before the Doctor cut him off.

Footnotes Edit

  1. In the television story The Woman Who Lived, which is set in the year 1651, Ashildr mentions having had 800 years of adventure.