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Login was an Alzarian engineer and the father of Keara.

Login was made a Decider to replace Draith, who had died. He was recognised by Nefred as the most respected man in their society. He was troubled his daughter was an outlaw and when the Starliner was closed, he was greatly distressed. When she was returned to him, however, he pleaded her case to the other deciders and she and the other outlaws went unpunished. Login and Garif made the joint decision to fly away from Alzarius. (TV: Full Circle)

The Fifth Doctor later described Login as "such a good man." (AUDIO: Mistfall)

Behind the scenes

  • According to the reference book The Doctor: His Lives and Times, Login's first name was Halrin. A year after leaving Alzarius, the Starliner landed on a planet called Oriana. The landing party was led by Decider Lorana Haar. After making contact with locals known as the Haragi, it was decided that the planet would be renamed New Alzarius.