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Lopra Minor, located within the Lopra system, was the site of a dimensional rift used by Project Infinity. It was here that vast amounts of Veganite were brought by the Earth Alliance to open a portal to alternate universes. The Daleks found out about the plan and invaded the system, hoping to contact a universe where the Daleks reigned absolute.

The Earth Alliance attempted to stop the Daleks, leading to a large interstellar battle. The Alliance forces, led by Kalendorf and armed with information taken from the Dalek Command Network by former-Roboman Mirana, destroyed all of the attacking Airborne Special Weapons Daleks with sub-orbital assault craft... but not before the Daleks succeeded in opening the rift. (AUDIO: Project Infinity)

What emerged were Daleks with an overwhelming sense of order, who were horrified by the Daleks of this universe. The two forces immediately started a titanic war of extermination spanning two universes. (AUDIO: Dalek Empire II: Dalek War)


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