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The Lords of Althrace were residents of the Althrace system, considered to be fellow "Higher Evolutionaries" by the Matrix Lords of Gallifrey.

Biology Edit

The Lords of Althrace were of normal human size and build, but had large eyes, long snouts, and skulls that were large, bumpy, and hairless. Their skin was yellow.

They were one of many species from the Althrace system.

History Edit

The Lords of Althrace were alerted to Melanicus' escape by Rassilon, and sent Dakon Theka and the Thane of Kordar as their representatives to the council that was called to discuss ending his menace. They co-ordinated the stopping of time using the combined mental exertions of all the High Evolutionaries, which allowed the Doctor and his companions to locate the stolen Event Synthesizer and defeat Melanicus. (COMIC: The Tides of Time)

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