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Lorna's Escape (short story)

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Lorna's Escape
Doctor: Eleventh Doctor
Main character(s): Lorna
Main enemy: A massive creature
Main setting: Gamma Forests
Key crew
Publisher: BBC Children's Books
Editor: Jason Loborik
Writer: Jason Loborik
Illustrator: Lee Sullivan
Release details
Part of: The Official Doctor Who Annual 2013
Release date: August 2012
Reprinted in: Heroes and Monsters Collection
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Heroes and Monsters Collection
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Lorna's Escape was a short story published in The Official Doctor Who Annual 2013. It told of Lorna Bucket's first encounter with the Eleventh Doctor.

Summary Edit

When a spacecraft crashes at the edge of a forest near to a settlement, a "massive, scaly creature" goes on a rampage. The creature with massive jaws and huge wings closes in on Lorna and her friend Stefan and a mysterious stranger arrives, grabs her hand and tells her to run! When Stefan is injured, the Eleventh Doctor leads the creature away from them.

With Lorna back safe at her village, the Doctor has been busy. Using a device with a shield and a power cable the Doctor fights off the attacking creature that vanishes in a blinding flash. The "mysterious traveller and his strange wooden box" also disappear shortly after, leaving behind a legend of the "mightiest warrior" and the saviour of the Gamma Forests. Lorna somehow knows that she will meet him again.

Named characters Edit

References Edit

Notes Edit

  • As has been a tendency in recent years, this Doctor Who Annuals continues the trend to contain a short story that picks up, and expands on, a reference made in the television series.
  • Comic illustrator Lee Sullivan provided the illustration showing the Eleventh Doctor leading Lorna Bucket away from a creature escaping the burning wreckage of its crashed craft.

Continuity Edit

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