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Lorry driver
Lorry Driver Photo
Place of origin: Earth
Appearance: The Invasion
Main actor: Murray Evans

An agent for UNIT, posing as a lorry driver, was in the International Electromatics compound. He drove in and out to report back to UNIT. When he was attempting to drive out, the Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot stopped him when the Doctor asked for a lift to London. The lorry driver briskly rushed the Doctor and his companions in, and they briefly hid from IE patrols. When this happened, the lorry driver explained to the Doctor and his companions about IE and the queer happenings concerning those who got in. He ushered the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe away when he stopped the lorry, and just after they left to get to safety, the patrol caught up with him. After receiving his pass, the patrolman wanted him to come back with the patrol into the IE compound for questioning, but the lorry driver refused, claiming that they weren't on IE property and if they wanted to hold him they should get onto the police. After that, he was shot three times by the two patrolmen, killing him. (TV: The Invasion)

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