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Biological type: Reptilian
Place of origin: Lota
Notable individuals: Mesanth
Appearance: Shining Darkness

The Lotapareen were a species of tridactyly reptiles from the planet Lota in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Biology Edit

Lotapareen were not humanoid in form. They had three legs arranged in a tripod, with a slim upright body and three arms. Their heads were ovoid and they had saucer-like eyes and stumpy snouts. They also had lizard-like skin, ranging in colour from grey to turquoise to yellow. Their third arm protruded from their chests; each arm ended in a hand with three fingers.

The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble met Mesanth, a member of the Cult of Shining Darkness, during their visit to the Andromeda Galaxy. (PROSE: Shining Darkness)

History Edit

The Lotapareen evolved from highly communal herbivorous ancestors. They hated violence and conflict. (PROSE: Shining Darkness)

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