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Lotuss was one of the Cat-People who, under Queen Aysha's command, invaded Earth in search of Euterpian beacons. She lost an eye in a skirmish with Gargar rebels in the Maskill system. Lotuss was a litter-runt, and planned to overthrow Aysha. The Queen, though, was aware of this, and directed her aggression into the invasion. She went back to ancient Baghdad with Thorsuun in search of one of the beacons. The Second Doctor tricked Lotuss into believing Thorsuun was betraying the Cat-People. After returning to the 20th century, Lotuss planted a bomb on Aysha's shuttle. The Doctor found out and told Aysha, who got Lotuss to go into the shuttle first. Aysha sent the shuttle into space, and the bomb was triggered, killing Lotuss. (PROSE: Invasion of the Cat-People)

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