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Louisiana was a state of the United States of America.

Geography Edit

Louisiana was a coastal state (AUDIO: Cryptobiosis) with areas of swampland. (PROSE: The City of the Dead) Marshy areas of water were called bayous. (PROSE: Mardi Gras Massacre) Part of the Mississippi River flowed through Louisiana. (PROSE: The City of the Dead)

Alligators could be found in the swamps of Louisiana. (COMIC: Terror from the Swamp)

Towns and cities located in Louisiana Edit

New Orleans was a city in Louisiana.[source needed]

History Edit

The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams visited Louisiana in 1929 where they encountered a terrifying beast. The trio soon learned that the beast sought to protect the local people from alligators. (COMIC: Terror from the Swamp)

In 1980, the Delesormes' Plantation was crushed and soaked as if by a tidal wave. The Eighth Doctor witnessed the event. (PROSE: The City of the Dead)

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