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Wright as she appeared on CON: I Get a Side-Kick Out of You

Lucinda Wright was the initial costume designer on the BBC Wales version of Doctor Who. She oversaw the costume department on all episodes of series 1. Her best known design was the Ninth Doctor's outfit. Like many leading behind-the-scenes personnel, she was sometimes featured in Doctor Who Confidential — most prominently in that series' first episode.

Her first work on television was the 1998 police drama Maisie Raine, which guest-starred Dean Lennox Kelly. In 2000, she worked on the Paul McGann series, Fish. In 2003, she was costume designer for a series of the James Nesbitt vehicle Murphy's Law, and the Emmy-winning mini-series Henry VIII before joining the Doctor Who team.

Following her replacement on Doctor Who by Louise Page, she worked steadily on tele-movies and short serials. In 2010, she re-teamed with Christopher Eccleston and Naoko Mori on the John Lennon bio-pic Lennon Naked.

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