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Lynn Pierce was the mother of Jasmine Pierce and the girlfriend of Roy. Her ex-husband — Jasmine's father — had left the family when their daughter was just a baby.

Like Roy, Lynn thought that Jasmine was strange because she had no friends and talked with her imaginary friends, and felt that Jasmine spent too much time alone. Unlike Roy, however, Lynn was concerned as well as unnerved by Jasmine's behaviour, whereas Roy merely hated anything unusual or that made Jasmine happy. Nonetheless, she was happy that Jasmine had found something she enjoyed.

Roy was killed by the Fairies in 2007 at the garden party celebrating the five-year anniversary of their relationship; though Lynn attempted to run to his aid, she was held back by Toshiko Sato. She was then left alone when Jasmine was taken by the Fairies to their "Lost Lands", which she witnessed. Having lost her partner and her only child on the same day, Lynn suffered an emotional breakdown and attempted to attack Jack Harkness for letting them take her daughter, but was left sobbing uncontrollably while he tried to comfort her. (TV: Small Worlds)