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Machine That Goes "Ding"

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Machine that goes ding or Zygon detector.

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Machine That Goes "Ding"
Type: Zygon DNA detector, microwave, downloader
Made by: Tenth Doctor
Used by: Tenth Doctor
Appearance: The Day of the Doctor
A Machine That Goes "Ding" was a machine that the Tenth Doctor used to detect Zygon DNA.

Besides lighting up when in the presence of a Zygon, the machine could microwave frozen dinners from up to 20 feet and download comics from the future.

The Doctor thought the machine identified Elizabeth I as a Zygon, but it had in fact detected that her horse was one. (TV: The Day of the Doctor)

Behind the scenes Edit

It resembled the Timey-wimey detector from Blink in many ways, being made of a bunch of random objects, making a "ding" sound, and being able to remotely prepare food.

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