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You may be looking for Maid Mackenzie.

Inspector Mackenzie was an officer of the Metropolitan Police Service who was sent to Gabriel Chase to investigate the disappearance of George Pritchard.

Insector Mackenzie arrived at the house during or prior to 1883. Smith used hypnosis on him and put him into suspended animation in a drawer. In 1883, the Seventh Doctor revived him by clicking his fingers constantly in front of his face.

The Inspector then set about continuing the murder investigation and soon reasoned that something was not right. After Light woke and decided to destroy all life on Earth, he killed Inspector Mackenzie and devolved him into primordial soup, a tureen of which he served to Josiah Samuel Smith and his dinner guests. When Light lifted the soup ladle, Mackenzie's medallion was dangling from it, and he referred to the soup as being "the cream of Scotland Yard". (TV: Ghost Light)