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Madelaine Worth was a Goth living in Manchester who was fascinated by vampires. She was part of the group that Ruath brought to Croatia in 1994 to free the entombed Yarven. After becoming a vampire herself, she read Victor Lang's mind and learned that he sexually abused his daughter. She planted a post-hypnotic suggestion so he would reveal this at a public rally he would hold later. She grew disillusioned with Ruath after that. She and Jake Hedges flew to the Moon, then continued to the neighbourhood of Pluto (which took them several months). They strapped themselves and two canisters of the vampire-transforming vapour they brought with them to Voyager II as it departed the solar system. (PROSE: Goth Opera)

Centuries later, they returned to Earth. Sometime in the 24th century, they were both killed by Jonquil the Intrepid. However, before that they became the progenitors of the Ipsissimus order of vampires, which survived into the 33rd century and became part of Europa. (PROSE: Managra)