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Madrigal Lafayette was the chairperson of the Earth Alliance of Corporations in the 22nd century.

She had a daughter Christine, who she only saw as a status symbol, showing that she was rich enough to circumvent the eugenics lottery. She never let Christine know her father and discouraged her from studying Arcturan literature, calling it "bad for business”. Christine implied that her mother had a colleague killed who was about to reveal evidence of insider trading. Madrigal and Christine didn't talk.

Madrigal used her influence to put substantial funding into Project Eden, of which her daughter was a part. Five years after the Project's inception, she believed it was a failure, and handed over control to Legion and IMC. She gave them instructions to destroy Lucifer for the high-mass elements at its core and to fire the Project crew without enough money to get back to Earth, but to bring back Christine. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)