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Maggie was Max Vilmio's gun-moll. She originally held affection for the mobster, but after watching him become savagely violent in a way that resembled her own late father's drunken rampages, and learning Max's true age was much older than hers, Maggie turned against him. Maggie revealed she had tried to stop her father from drawing a knife on her little brother Tommy while he was drunk, but in the struggle, he was accidentally pushed out of a window from a great height, resulting in his death.

Maggie helped the Brigadier, Jeremy Fitzoliver, Mario and Roberto fight against Vilmio's mob, but she was eventually possessed by a 30-foot tall horse-like N-Form. which merged with her and spiked her feelings of anger and vengeance toward Max. She ruthlessly destroyed most of Max's men with the N-Forms infernal powers, but Max spoke an incantation to draw the N-Form out of Maggie and let it possess him instead. She was killed moments afterward when Max took control of its powers and vapourised her. (PROSE: The Ghosts of N-Space)