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Magic of the Angels (novel)

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Magic of the Angels
6 Magic of the Angels
Doctor: Eleventh Doctor
Companion(s): Amy, Rory
Main enemy: The Weeping Angels, Sammy Star
Main setting: London, Summer 2012
Key crew
Publisher: BBC Books
Writer: Jacqueline Rayner
Release details
Release number: 6
Release date: 2 February 2012
Format: Paperback, 128 pages
ISBN 978-1-84990-286-1
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Quick Reads
Code of the Krillitanes The Silurian Gift

Magic of the Angels was the sixth Doctor Who Quick Reads release. It was released on 2 February 2012.

Publisher's summary Edit

"No one from this time will ever see that girl again..."

The Doctor, Amy and Rory round off a sight-seeing tour round London with a trip to the theatre. That's when things start to go wrong.

The Doctor wonders why so many young girls are going missing from the area. When he sees Sammy Star's amazing magic act, he thinks he knows the answer. Sammy's glamorous assistant disappears at the climax of the act — but this is no stage trick.

The Doctor and his friends team up with residents of an old people's home to discover the truth. And together they find themselves face to face with a deadly Weeping Angel.

Whatever you do — don't blink!

Plot Edit

to be added

Characters Edit

References Edit

Notes Edit

  • This novel was also released as an ebook available from the Amazon Kindle store.
  • The Doctor spends a significant portion of the novella wearing the outfit of the Third Doctor and Amy wears the sparkly catsuit which belonged to the Second Doctor's companion Zoe Heriot.
  • This was the first Doctor Who Quick Reads book to be published since 2010, and the first to feature companions since 2007.
  • Unlike other companions, Rory does not have a superphone and can only make calls in his own time period.

Continuity Edit


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