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Type: Magnetic trap
Place of origin: Daleks

Magnetraps were devices used by the Daleks.

Functions Edit

Magnetraps could pull spacecraft down to a planet with magnetic attraction exerted by the spotlight-like devices on the four corners of the landing pad. A ship could be brought down so gently that a sleeping crew would not wake before the ship was boarded.

History Edit

On Skaro, the Daleks used a magnetrap in an attempt to capture 2K, but he used a drill in his head to escape underground. (COMIC: Impasse)

The Daleks later used a magnetrap to capture Kirid's spacecraft. (COMIC: The Emissaries of Jevo)

On Gurnian, the Daleks used a magnetrap to capture the craft transporting Mary Stone and Andy Stone. (COMIC: Monsters of Gurnian)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • While referred to in-story as a "magnetrap", the feature Dalek War Machines in which it first appears refers to it as a "magnatrap".

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