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Mags, also known as the the Match Girl, was a supposedly blind individual on Brooster Street in London in the 19th century. She was a temporary acquaintance of Henry Gordon Jago in London, whom Professor George Litefoot had no idea about.

Professor Litefoot and Gabriel Sanders visited her in order to question her about the appearance and whereabouts of the killer "vampire" and any knowledge of the incident. Before they could ask anything, she needed to be paid. Litefoot inquired whether she had heard anything on the night in question. She replied she heard the scream of the girl and the footsteps of the murderer. She introduced both detectives to Mr Appleby who was a drunken man who wandered the street.

Later, Sanders returned to threaten Mags as the killer himself. He revealed that she could see by testing her. He then set his bugs and creatures upon her to drain her of her blood. She later returned as a zombie, in conclusion to only parts of her blood being drained. (AUDIO: Litefoot and Sanders)