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A new Tardis, at last

As we do every holiday period, we're giving back to the larger Wikia community this season by participating in a a live test of the new article prototype design. It gives us a chance to finally prune back our CSS and JS and start over with a dramatically different design. While we do this, expect that the site is going to look a little — maybe even a lot — weird.

How can you help speed things along? File reports on things that you think are "off". Go to our article prototype board and start a new thread. Screenshots will be very helpful with your reports, so don't be afraid to include them!

Thanks everyone! And, please, have a safe and enjoyable holiday period!

But first, this cuddly reminder of Christmas Past

Killer Christmas Tree Attack! - Doctor Who - The Christmas Invasion - BBC02:21

Killer Christmas Tree Attack! - Doctor Who - The Christmas Invasion - BBC

Get ready for the Christmas Special by clicking
on one of the pictures below.
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Doctor Who is a "family franchise", which means there's something in it for all ages.
It does not mean that all content is appropriate for all ages.

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