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The Mandelbrot Sett was a pirate ship crewed by badger pirates and led by Florence. Its name was derived from Mandelbrot set and sett.

Appearance and capabilities Edit

The Mandelbrot Sett was roughly pear-shaped and covered in spiky guns. At the front was the bridge and on the side were two protruding engines. Inside the ship was room for millions of pirates, as well as the facilities to grow more. At the back were the hangers, which were subdivided into hundreds of smaller hangers where smaller crafts were kept. These smaller ships were no larger than a car, arrow-like in shape and much faster and more manoeuvreable than the Mandelbrot Sett. They would be released in the millions during attacks; though many would be shot down, most would get through and puncture the hull of the ship.

The Mandelbrot Sett was utilitarian in design, but had been decorated with loot from its many victories, such as silks and spices. (PROSE: The Pirate Loop)

History Edit

At some point in the 40th century, the Mandelbrot Sett had been sent to capture the experimental drive of the Brilliant. When they attacked the ship, it activated the drive, causing the ship to be stuck in time. Three pirates, Dashiel, Jocelyn and Archibald, got on-board before the drive was activated. Because of an incomplete time loop, they were unable to permanently kill anyone and began to learn about the finer things in life. Eventually, they almost became friends of the crew.

Eventually, the other ships made it through the time loop and attacked the ship, killing the passengers, taking the crew back to the Mandelbrot Sett and then destroying the Brilliant. When the Tenth Doctor tried to convince them to give up their mission, they killed him too. In reality, the Brilliant's engine had been hooked to the TARDIS and the time loop had been extended to include the Mandelbrot Sett, meaning everyone was brought back to life. Seeing that fighting would be useless and having been told of life on the Brilliant, the pirates left the Mandelbrot Sett for the Brilliant. (PROSE: The Pirate Loop)

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